Discover. Mash. Share.

We want you to explore, be entertained—and even caught off guard— so, we don't track and then just feed you more of what's in your usage history. Instead, ChannelCaster allows you to build and share Channels with your friends or the entire community based on what interests you.

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Get started by browsing our verified and recommended Tier 1 Channels to find favorites. Then, discover the unexpected in new Public Channels that are created and published by the ChannelCaster community every day.


Access the latest news, gossip, celebrity photos, viral video sensations and more from sources like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, blogs, etc. Choose a topic and with a few taps you can combine related content into your own Channel.


Once you've created your Channel you can share it with the ChannelCaster community right from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Your Public channel can tell everyone about you. Or you can make a private channel, just for you.